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About Us




My name is Kiri and I have been an active pet lover and photographer my whole life. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a career involving animals, but I've also always wanted to include art in my life as well. This combination has drawn me to be incredibly passionate about capturing the beauty of the animals we have in our lives, along with the incredible bonds we share with them.

Over the years I have devoted myself to loving and caring for animals and I love to see the care others have for their 4 legged friends! I have 10 years of horse experience as a rider, caregiver, an owner. I have also worked at a boarding kennel and a vet clinic, learning all about animals and their different needs and personalities. I've seen pets of all shapes, sizes, and attitudes, and I know that each pet is unique and has their own special traits that make them who they are.

I have been taking photos since I could hold a camera in my hand. Anytime we were at the zoo, aquarium, or a park, I was taking as many pictures as I could. Prior to going professional, I was always taking pictures and videos of my friends' horses in the field or during their rides and competitions. I was always the first to jump at taking photos of pets boarded at the kennel if their owners requested them. I love capturing the best moments, the best action, and the best connections. 

I personally love shoots where we get a little weird and push for fun and creative shots. If you want a more fantastical shoot, please let us know! I'd love to work towards getting extra special photos that will really make a statement and capture who you and your pet really are.


I am a long-time cat and dog fanatic and creative professional with a B.A. in Visual Arts from UMBC. I am an experimentalist at heart and have had the pleasure of exploring many different forms of art, ranging from graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, and even light projection art.


Collaborating with the creative direction of my loving partner Kiri, I found my creative talents honed to produce breath-taking photography that instills our combined love for the warm bonds pets can provide. I now find myself inspired and thriving shooting pet photography, making memories forever tangible with my creative touch.


When I'm not shooting or editing photos, I can be found spoiling our cat and official seat warmer, Josie or trying to sneak treats to her awkward cat brother, Dorian.

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