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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions~ We kindly ask that you take a second to read through so we can provide you the best session possible!


Q. How should I prepare my horse for a session?

We highly request that you get your horse as clean as possible prior to us showing up for a shoot. The cleaner your horse is, the nicer they will look in the photos later! For best results, we recommend getting your horse show ready. This includes bathing, thorough brushing, clipping any unwanted fuzziness, and braiding if that's the look you'd like! .

Q. Do we have to shoot at my barn?

Absolutely not! We are happy to get photos of you and your horse at home, at a different facility, or out at another horse friendly location! We would love to work with you with any setting you want, whether it be an arena, or out on a trail. 

Q. What should my horse and I wear?

This is totally up to you! We recommend clothes that look nice, but are also not too uncomfortable or restricting for the photos you have in mind. This can be as casual as jeans and a nice shirt or a sun dress. Or it can be as formal as your show attire or a ballgown. What look your want for these photos is completely your choice! As for your equine friend, we recommend a nice leather halter or a bridle, preferably cleaned for the shoot.

Q. Is there anything that I need to set up for Black Background photos?

All we need to achieve black background shots is a wide doorway with no interior lights on and any other light sources blocked off. This can be either a barn doorway or a doorway to an indoor. It's highly preferred if the ground was cleared and swept clean. If either of these locations are unavailable, a clear wall or shady spot may be workable to still get those shots.

Q. What if I want a group photo of all of my animals, but they don't like each other or they're too unwieldy to handle together?

There's a good chance that we can still get that shot! Location permitting, we can get individual pictures of each animal, and then composite them together for one full family photo! 

Q. What can I expect back from my session?

You will get a personal gallery of your photos sized for social media and digital use, and access to a store where you can order prints, canvases, and commemorative items from your shoot. Your digital files are yours to share online as you see fit, we just appreciate any tagging back to us whenever possible!


Q. Are there any discounts?

We will discount shoots within the same barn/trip once at least three sessions are booked for the same day/weekend. Please directly message us to set this up and discuss rates. 

Q. Will you travel?

We are absolutely open to traveling! We're open to single sessions within the DMV and lower Pennsylvania area, with some additional travel fees. We are still happy to travel beyond that region if enough interest in your area is expressed. The best way to guarantee us coming up to your area is getting your barn mates or nearby barn friends involved!

Horse Photography Session


Q. Do I need to groom my pet for a session?

We highly recommend bathing and brushing out any pups prior to a shoot! For best results, utilizing a professional groomer is a great idea, but by no means a necessity. Even if your pet gets dirty during the shoot, their coat will still look a lot better more recently cleaned!  

For cats we recommend at least a good brushing ahead of time. If they accept bathing, we do recommend that, but the last thing we want is additional stress for your pet. 

For other pets, we recommend whatever grooming has them looking their best, without stressing them out too bad. 

Q. What kinds of locations can we shoot at?

We can shoot at parks, in the city, your own backyard, or even your living room! Anywhere that your pet is comfortable with will work just fine! The best photos are only going to be achievable where you pet is comfortable and confident to show their full personality.


Q. Is there anything I should bring?

While we have a variety of toys and treats to help your pets through a session, if they have any favorite toys or treats (especially if they have a special diet!) please bring them along! If you'd like them to wear specific collars or outfits, you can absolutely have them either come dressed up or have a costume change. If there are any items or props in particular you would pictures of them with, feel free to bring those along too!

Q. Should I dress up? Do I need to be in the pictures?

It is totally up to you if you would like to have pictures with your pet! If you would like some pictures with your pet, just let us know and we'll plan time for that in the session. As for what you should wear, anything from a tidy casual to full formal is totally fine! You don't have to bring out your button up shirts if you don't want to, we just suggest that whatever you wear looks nice and clean, but graphic tees are totally acceptable!

Pet Photography Session

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